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Chris Bobryk is one of the most dedicated athletes to the sport of kiteboarding. Born and raised in west Michigan, Chris was no stranger to cold water and diverse conditions. That, however, did not stop Chris from progressing every session. Never one to shy from a beat down, Chris pushes his riding to its limits every time he hits the water. In 2009,  Chris was introduced to Cape Hatteras  on a trip instructing for his local shop, MacKite, and that was it. With nothing more then an old van filled with bare essentials, Chris made the pilgrimage to Hatteras. Chris can be found in all the local spots in Hatteras during the summer chilling with the locals giving advice and training. The rest of the year Chris is traveling the world in search of the new places to ride and the great people to ride with. Keep up with Chris on our video blog and see what he is up to. Who knows, you could pop up in the next video.


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